To take a screenshot, you must first click “Print Screen” or “PrtScr.”


You’ll then want to open MSPaint. To do this you can either browse to it: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint or click Start > Run (Window Button + R) and type in mspaint and press okay or the enter key.

Once you open MSPaint, you’ll want to paste what you’ve copied to your clipboard via Print Screen. To do this, make sure the select tool is highlighted. If you have windows XP, your select tool will look a little different, but will still contain the dotted box. Once this tool is selected, you will press CTRL+V to paste, or right click and then left click paste. CTRL+V is faster.


Once you paste your screenshot, you’re going to want to use the select tool to crop out unnecessary parts(Highlighted in red.) However, if you try to highlight anything before clicking the select tool AGAIN, you will move your image rather than select.

Once you select the important part of your screenshot, you’re going to want to do a quick keyboard combination. CTRL+X, CTRL+N, N, CTRL+V. This will cut your selection, create a new document, not save, then paste the selection.



Select your rounded edge or square edge tool and a color like red or green to highlight points of interest. Use the text tool to write useful messages in your screenshots. Some examples.