Recommended Software


Antivirus: We highly recommend Microsoft Securiuty Essentials. It's free, easy to use, less invasive, has low system requirements, and it finds malicious software that other antivirus programs leave behind.


Media Player: Many of our customers require computer repair after looking for software to watch videos or movies on their computers. That in mind, we highly recommend VLC Media Player. It's free, and has most codecs you'll need to watch most videos on the web.



Defrag: Auslogics Disk Defragmenter works faster, and more thoroughly than the defragmentation program that comes with Windows.




 PDF Printer: Cute PDF. Cute PDF is small, functional, and free.



 File Compression: 7zip supports all forms of file compression. It's free, and easy to use.


Office Suite: For those of you who don't have Microsoft Office Suite, and don't want to spend the money, there IS an alternative. OpenOffice from It's not Microsoft Office, and you can tell. Things are in different places, and called different things. You can, however, open and save in all Microsoft Office formats.  
 Operating System: Windows 7. In any flavor, Windows 7 is more secure, faster, more reliable than other Windows Operating Systems. While we do support all operating systems, we urge that all computers that are capable be upgraded to windows 7. ESPECIALLY if the computer is running Windows Vista. We will upgrade any working computer to windows 7 for 1 hour of labor, and the cost of whichever Windows 7 flavor you choose.    
Here's a list of all software Avant Computer Services loads on all new installs of Windows. Our time is saved, and lives made easy by Ninite Installer. The list includes Auslogics, CD Burner XP, Chrome, CutePDF, Essentials, Firefox, Flash, ImgBurn, iTunes, Java, Adobe Reader, 7zip, Skype, and VLC Media Player.